Tamara Enbusk

Artist & Owner

About Artful Accoutrements

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This business was born out of the COVID pandemic quarantine time in 2020. I have always been a busy hobbyist, with many passions.  Wine is a big one!  Looking at the stash of corks my husband and I have accumulated over the years, along with family and friends, I wanted to find a UNIQUE use for them - an "upcycle"..

I find that earrings always draw me in when shopping, no matter how many pairs I already have.  I wanted to create something lightweight, colorful, and playful.  As with most art, things evolve and new ideas arise.  Thus "ARTFUL ACCOUTREMENTS" was born - with the hope that there will always be space for growth, new ideas, and new opportunities to share my art with you in many forms.

As a small business, I always appreciate my customers.  My slogan is "you become a piece of art when you wear one", and I believe that!

Thank you for sharing the love of art!